Night view from the room, night view from the room.Night where time flows quietly


Welcome to Yu-no-machi Beppu.


Japan's Top 100 Famous Scenery that I would like to retain in the 21st century Beppu-no-yukemuri, which was chosen as Japan's Top 100 Famous Scenery, in the hotel you can see the hot water from various places in the facility.
Do you know hot water runs from large windows in the guest rooms, and even from the view of the natural hot spring baths?
After dinner, please have a chat in the lounge and have a moment to feel hot water.
I hope you will be relaxed with your eyes and mind.
Because it is only 9 rooms with spacious accommodation, we are patronizing you as a quiet and relaxing inn.
We are waiting for all the staff so that we can help you a little in your enjoyable time.

Yukemuri-no-sato, Azumaya, Manager

About national travel support

  • About national travel support from April 1, 2023 to July 20 (2nd new Oita travel discount)

    Not applicable
    ● 2023/4/29 to 5/7
    ●Existing reservation(Reservation before 3/19)
    Customers who have already made a reservation and wish to apply for nationwide travel support
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but please contact us by phone.

    ■■■New reservation■■■
    Please inquire at the time of reservation that national travel assistance is applicable.

    【Official website】
    After selecting the local settlement as the payment method,
    Please write "National travel support application request" in the remarks column.

    ※Internet reservation sites have different reservation start times for nationwide travel support application
    Customers who wish to make a reservation with nationwide travel support applied on the Internet reservation site
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but please contact each reservation site.

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Information on smoking cessation

  • All rooms will be non-smoking from February 2022

    In response to the recent increase in health consciousness
    All rooms will be smoke-free.

    Hell,Thank you for your understanding,
    Thank you for your continued patronage.

    ※Smoking areas are available next to the entrance.

Accommodation report is being delivered on YouTube!

  • Accommodation report is being delivered on YouTube!

    We have received an accommodation report from the guest who stayed, so it is being delivered!
    An official YouTube channel will be launched soon!
    I would like to continue to disseminate the charm of YUKEMURI no SATO AZUMAYA


    We look forward to your contributions!

    Thank you for your permission to publish, Mr. Nitantan.


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Hotel Name



1029-1 Kannawakami, Beppu City

Telephone number



15 minutes by car from Beppu Station. 7 minutes by car from Beppu IC.
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Azumaya, three charms

  • Accommodation that looks at a hot spring

    Guest room, lounge, observation bath, everywhere in the facility, you can watch the Kannawa railway runaway.In the evening enjoy the view of Beppu where the illumination of the city and the bathtub mix.
  • Mom peace of mind, Meal in Room Plan

    We are preparing dinner room meal plan at this facility so that we can relax and enjoy our meals even with our small children. Of course, spend your time with your couple and couples without worrying.
  • This hot spring city, Natural Hot Springs

    The hot spring in the hotel is a hot spring called a sulfate spring.
    A hot spring with plenty of hot spring water can also be used at any time during your stay.Oh, I came to Beppu, I can taste the paradise feeling once I enter it.

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